Course Overview

This is an outline of what to expect in our risk and onboarding course.

    1. Introduction to client onboarding

    2. Quiz: Understanding the basics of client onboarding

    3. Quiz: Onboarding scenarios

    1. Introduction to customer due diligence 🔍

    2. The two types of risk

    3. Assessing risk 🤔

    4. Next steps in learning to assess risk

    5. Quiz: Assessing risk in different situations

    6. Risk assessment introduction

    7. Components of a risk assessment 🕸️

    8. Introduction to assessing risk as part of customer due diligence

    9. Quiz: Assessing risk during onboarding

    10. Summary

About this course

  • 13 lessons
  • Skill Level - Intermediate
  • Class Duration - 1H