Course Overview

This is an outline of what to expect as part of our Firmcheck Fundamentals course.

    1. Introduction: Getting started with Firmcheck

    2. Summary: AML Management Essentials

    3. Quiz: Why AML management and a tool like Firmcheck is important 🔒

    4. Overview: Navigating the Firmcheck platform

    5. Definition: What is a prospect?

    6. Overview: Creating a prospect

    7. Definition: What is a client?

    8. Overview: Choosing between adding a new prospect or client

    9. Guide: How to create a prospect in Firmcheck

    1. Overview: Getting started with the onboarding workflow

    2. Overview: Navigating the profile tab

    3. Guide: Navigating the profile tab

    4. Overview: Navigating the AML/CFT tab

    5. Guide: Completing and performing CDD

    6. Overview: Managing and adding documents during onboarding

    7. Guide: Uploading documents in Firmcheck

    8. Guide: Submitting a prospect for approval

    9. Overview: Reviewing and approving prospects during onboarding

    10. Overview: Navigating the clients tab once you've onboarded a prospect

    11. Overview: Navigating and understanding the 'Clients' section

    1. Conclusion: that's all folks! 🎯

    2. Exam: Firmcheck Certification

About this course

  • 22 lessons
  • Skill Level - Beginner
  • Class Duration - 0H 30M
  • Certification Available