An outline of what content is covered across these sessions.

    1. Welcome

    2. AML Maturity Framework & Landscape Of AML Compliance 2024

    1. Session 1 - Are The Services You're Offering Leading To Non-Compliance By Kayleigh Graham | Telleroo

    1. Session 2 - Do You Have All Your Client Documentation Up To Date? With Ian Cooper & Penny Rowden | FYI & Rowdens Limited

    1. Session 3 - Making AML Part Of Your Ongoing Client Engagement With Kevin Heaton | Heaton Vences

    1. Session 4 - Building An AML Compliant Process By Kevin Lord | Firmcheck

    1. Session 5 - How To Manage Your AML Compliance Like A Project Manager

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All of our AML Summit 2024 content is CPD verified by our event partners XU magazine – upon completion of the sessions you can obtain a certificate of completion, which will be automatically emailed to you within two weeks of completion.